Sunday, May 3, 2009

Big Fish

There are many different descriptions between the movie and the book - big fish.

In the story starting at William's wedding party, Edward Bloom tells the same story which he's told many times over the years: one day, his son was born, he was out catching a big fish, using his wedding ring. William was angry with that, because his fatehr never told the truth on anything.

He went to Paris to work, and his relationship with his father becomes so strained that tehy do not talk for three years. But, when his mother called hime and thold hime his father's health has started to fail, he and his pregnant wife return to Alabama. on the plane, William recalls his father's night story wehn he was child, and met a witch who showed him his death in her glass eye. After three years, the father and the son talked again. However, Edward still tell his son the stories about his life. Some of the stories are not real, such as the strange village.

In the movie, Edward went to a horrible forest and discovered the tiny hiddent town of Spectre, where the missing poet Norther Winslow has settled with people so friendly. In here, no one wants to leave, they can be comfortable and walk around barefoot. but Edward wtill felt he did not want to settle anywhere yet and left; moreover, he promised the young girl jenny that he would return.

In the book, Edward wanted to leave his mother town. On his way, he must cross the strange village. In here, people wanted to leave would lose their finger to a dog. It looked like a gate man.

I think the movie changed something from the book, because it is very difficult to show people. People can not control the animal's behaviour. For example, how could the director show the dog bite the humans finger in the strange village? So, the director changed this part. Ibelieve people can understand, because it is funny in the movie.