Thursday, May 21, 2009

FW#1 The Storm in Carbondale

On May 8. 2009, there was a terrible storm in Carbondale. I had just told the ISS officer about my part time SIU class when I heard the alert warning of the storm. And then, all the people in ISS had to move to a basement near the ISS building. After 20 minutes, the alert was finished and we could go outside to see how terrible that was be. Exactly, damage was everywhere. Actually I had never seen a big storm like this time before. It is really amazing and horrible. Unfortunately, my car did not have enough gas any more. And the other worse thing happened, all of gas stations in Carbondale, Marion and Murphysboro were closed because power was down. Luckily, I had lots of good neighbors always; they shared their own gas with me, which helped me to leave Carbondale and go to St. Louis on the next day at midnight. I stayed in St. Louis for 5 days until the power was back. During this storm, I knew that it is perfect to have lots of friends when you are in trouble.