Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Maiko Ariki

Big Fish: What people say about the movie?

Big Fish movie was made in 2003, and directed by Tim Burton. I prefer the movie to the book for many reasons. The movie was easier to recognize than the book, and every scene was beautiful. Also, the movie has more realistic in the scenes that were different between the book and the movie. Many people also have some opinion about the movie.

First, a reviewer states that “The movie says that the only answer is yes. And selects maudlin moonshine over engagement with the difficulties of life, which is exactly the choice Edward has made. Its vision of America during the last four decades has been scrubbed clean of any social or political messiness and has been burnished to a warm, happy glow” (A.O. Scott, 2003). I agree with this opinion because I also felt that the movie insisted in the difficulties of life, especially in the conflict of the marriage party. After the marriage party, the father and the son didn’t have contact for three years. In this movie, I could see some difficulties of life, but Edward changed them to happiness.

Another reviewer says that “It's a simple premise, but a complex film with brilliant imagery and imagination” (Jordan, 2008). I also agree with her, because I felt the film was complex, but the imagination was great. Actually, I couldn’t understand or imagine some parts of the book, but after I watched the movie, I could understand, and the scene was more brilliant than what I expected. I think it was well-made because the movie was not as complicated as the book. The time is always changing between Edward’s time and the son’s time, so it is difficult to imagine in the book. But the movie helped me to understand the time lag.

In conclusion, there are some opinions about the Big Fish movie, and the commentators say that the movie describes maudlin moonshine with the difficulties of life, and it has great imagination. I also like the movie better than the book.

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