Wednesday, May 20, 2009

While the tornado was coming here, I was staying at Faner Hall. I always heard warning sirens on Tuesdays, but those were not sirens real sirens. However, I first heard a real siren at this time at Haner Hall. Moreover, we had to take shelter in a safe place which was a museum of Faner Hall. Many people gathered from some places, and they talked about the tornado. In addition, even American people here have never seen such a strong tornado in their lives. At this time, SIU held a graduation ceremony on campus. I think they must have gotten an unforgettable experience and might never forget their memorial day with the tornado. In Japan, we often get typhoons. However, a tornado is much stronger than a typhoon. Actually, I had a curiosity about tornados because I have seen it in the movies several times. However, in fact, it was so afraid from things such as no power, no gas, and so on. I do not want same experience any more. On the other hand, people attempt to recover rapidly, and they help each other. When I saw these sights, I was impressed. I hope Carbondale would be recovered as soon as possible. In conclusion, even though the tornado caused huge damege, we could learn many lessons through this experience.