Monday, June 1, 2009

Are we connected?

The communication technologies change every day and I think that there are positive and negative consequences derived of it; many customs are changed and today we need the technology for almost everything we do.

As a positive aspect, I find that today you can choose among different technologies like cell phone, i-phone, messenger or Skype; all of them allow us to get faster communications than ten years ago. At the same time, you can see the people who are you talking to wherever you are; this means that technology has cut the distance between countries and people. For me, it has been gratifying because each night I hope anxiously that my family is connected with Skype to talk to them.

The biggest change caused is the opportunity to keep in touch at any time with your family, your friends or coworkers. In education this has brought a great advantage, because now you can teach many people in a virtual space or online and at the same time many people can learn about any issue looking for it in goggle or other Internet searchers.

The disadvantage associated with technology is first, the high dependence on these media to work, to study or make friends. Some people have difficulties to make friends in a different environment, and now all kinds of communications with your coworkers are made by messenger. As a consequence you lose personal interaction and people become shy when they have to talk to others personally; second, many values like respect and honesty are lost, because anybody can contact you by email or Facebook and take all your personal information, use it in a bad way and create big problems for you.

The communication technologies have connected countries and people and have increased the speed of getting information, but also have created a gap between sincere relationships based on real values.