Monday, June 1, 2009

Japan, Which Is An Earthquake Power

East Asia is known as an earthquake power all over the world, especially Japan. Some people might say that an earthquake is a natural phenomenon, but I think it is an environmental problem, because if earthquake occurred, it would lead to secondary disasters such us escaping of radioactivity and so on. That is why I want to talk about earthquakes in Japan. There are a lot of plates densely under Japan. Some geologists mention that a big earthquake will occur soon in Japan, especially in the Kansai and Tokai area where they located in middle of Japan. These areas have big join plates, and the most dangerous area in Japan. Recently, most people in Japan have begun to prepare for calamity. Also, we put a side emergency food, some money, flashlight, and so on. An earthquake is the most anxious thing in our lives. What do you think the major blocks or hurdles to really solving the problem are? I think we can’t keep back our life from a big earthquake. So, there is nothing we can do for our life. However, recently, by developing innovation, geologists can guess when earthquake comes, but it is not exactly right. Moreover, a consciousness of crisis management about earthquake has been increasingly common in Japan. Even though we can’t block a natural phenomenon, especially earthquakes, we might be able to guard against secondary disaster. It is very important effort to protect for environment of the earth.