Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The last place for the animals

People always talk about how bad the zoos are, or that the animals should go back to the wild. I don’t think so; I know that the wild is good for the animals, but it is too dangerous for the animals living in the wild. Maybe the zoos don’t have a good place for the animals but the zoos are really protecting animals. I like the zoos, because they are very important for protecting animals. Also helping people’s relationship with animals is very important. If all the people love animals, the animals can be safe everywhere. Most zoos are trying to do this. There are many programs in the zoos to teach people to know and love animals. There are many shows in the zoos that can make people like the animals. Also, some zoos have education programs to teach people to know and appreciate animals. For example, wolves are always playing a bad role in the stories. In fact, the wolf is not a bad species. They only hurt people when the people want to hurt them and the wolves are protecting their families. I think it can help people to know the animals and try to protect the animals.