Monday, June 1, 2009

Project of hospital about Green

In Medeleine Brindley's article, "Hospitals go green but can do more to ward off threat of global warming," the author says that in the UK, all main hospitals have tried chance to green energy. Moreover, they have radiated emissions as same as 32,000 home's them. National Health Centers (NHS) has to do hard for reducing emissions, but still NHS has a lot of emissions. However, the NHS has made progress with this effort, also, people in the UK agree with it. They have tried to change completely to green electricity, which is very efficient energy, the author states. Some hospitals use steam for heating, also, this is led good result for reducing global warming. In conclusion, the author mentions that this project isn't easy, but if this projec succeeds, it is going to reduce a lot of emissions.

Could this project lead to success for reducing global warming? What do you think about it? I think that only just this project doesn't have big force. But a lot of projects in the world such as this project would lead good change for the earth. I have another point of view that if this project is succeeded, many people might be interested in environmental problems.
First, the UK’s NHS reports this project only. However, If it lead to a good result, countries all over the world would cooperate with each other, and they might establish a big association for the environment of the earth. Then a big project for keeping the earth might lead to good effect, I hope. Next, these efforts make an impression on people who are interested in environmental problems. Moreover, people all over the world begin to have interest about environmental problems, it will be a huge force to protect the earth. If each of us try to take actions, it is going to be led bigger effects than the governments' projects. I want to expect it, also, I have to take action as soon as possible. In conclusion, if these projects spread all over the world, the earth will be good; also, life will go on with the earth.

Brindley, M. (2007, June 25). Hospitals go green but can do more to ward off threat of global warming. The Western Mail. Retrieved on May 20, 2009 from Lexis-Nexis datebase.