Monday, February 8, 2010

Tweeki's report #1

thor:Michora Canty

Title of article: GLBT community weighs in on same-sex case
Publication: Daily Egyptian
Date of article: Jan 21, 2010

Short summary:
In his article, Canty talks about the argument about people's view of the legitimacy of California's marriage clause. Some people say don't have to totally accept it in our daily live, but we can work to make some changes and support, claim and protect the special groups. Others supporting the clause think that it's difficult to override Prop 8, because it has been years since traditional marriages between men and women were legally protected.

Issues that you can find:
Is the marriage clause good?

My opinion:
I think the marriage of same gender can be accepted. You can't say the love between people with the same gender is not true love, no matter same gender or not, if they have true love, they can get married as they want. In terms of same-sex marriage are unfit for the procreation, I think they can adopt a child if they really love children, but in my opinion, if two same-sex people have decided to get married, they must have already made up their mind that they don't want any children.