Tuesday, October 12, 2010


More interesting things kept coming during the discussion in the culture through media class. We have discussed many important subjects, such as women`s right. All of us have agreed about that a woman and man should be equal, but according to our daily life they are not. I surprised when my classmate Alyssa who is American young woman confirmed the same opinion about woman and man because we in eastern believe that woman and man in western countries are almost equal. This subject led us to talk about increasing rate of divorce. No one has said any reason for increasing rate of divorce, but all of us noted this increase. About this subject, I have mentioned that after revolutionary satellite television, television and movies keep presenting beautiful people which makes many people look for getting married to people exactly like that they have seen in movies or television. My classmate disagreed with this idea. Interesting subject was religion; the question that has been asked is if you have son or girl who decided to believe in religion which is different from what you believe, will you allow him? All of us thought it will be difficult situation. This agreement taught me that there is no difference between people around the world. It does not matter where you are from or from where descended. The great thing that I taught in this class we have same feelings and ideas.