Thursday, August 9, 2007

One of the most beautiful love stories

Long long time ago, there was a beautiful girl, a singing and a retired dancing girl’s daughter who was called “Choon-hyang," and a smart boy, the governor’s son, who was called “Mong-yong,” in Nam-won, which is a county in southern Korea. One day, Mong-yong went to the park with his servant and watched Choon-hyang playing on a swing. And then, he told his servant to bring her to him. So Bang-ja, his servant, went to her and said, “my boss is going to meet you right now! And my boss is the only son of the governor in this county”. So he and she met first. They did love each other as soon as they met and Mong-yong went to her house every night.

One day Mongyong’s mother visited her son’s study room at night; he was not there. And she called Bang-ja, Mong-yong’s servant, and asked him, “Where is he?”. So Bang-ja talked to her about his boss’ girl friend. And then, Mong-yong’s mother worried about her son’s future and she asked her husband that Mong-yong be sent to Seoul for his study. His huband knew his wife’s intention; she didn’t allow his son to marry a daughter whose mother is a singing and dancing girl. So Mong-yong had to go to Seoul for study. After Mong-yong left Nam-won, his father went to Seoul because of a promotion.

After that, a new governor came to Nam-won. He was not good. His name was Hak-do. As soon as he came, he heard about Choon-hyang. And he threatened to marry her himself. But because she still loved Mong-yong, she could not accept Hak-do’s proposal. So Hak-do was very angry and he arrested Choon-Hyang. And he suggested that she would be free if she decided to marry Hak-do. However, Choon-hyang did not change her mind, in spite of much pain and her mother’s persuasion to marry Hak-do. At this time, Mong-yong returned to Nam-won’, and then, he looked like a beggar. After meeting Mong-yong, Choon-hyang’s mother lost her hope to save her daughter.

One day Hak-do said to Choon-hyang that he would kill her if she did not agree to marry him on Hak-do’s birth day. On that day, many people were invited to the party and Choon-hyang was brought before Hak-do by policemen. Hak-do said, “it is your last chance to save your life. Would you marry me”. “No, I won’t, since I love Mong-yong,” Choon-hyang replied. And then, Mong-yong appeared at the party. He still looked like a beggar. He said to Hak-do, “why do you threaten your people? You must stop threatening if you are a good governor.” And then, Hak-do was angry. So he made policemen catch Mong-yong. Then, some people helped Mong-yong to catch Hak-do and all policemen were arrested by them. And Mong-yong gave Hak-do his identification. He was an administrator to check the governor’s mistakes. So he judged Hak-do’s crimes to be bothering people in Nam-won.

And Mong-yong said to Choon-hyang, “Did you remember me?” However, she replied, “If you would bother me, please kill me”. So Mong-yong said again, “Please look at me and reply." And then she became happy and was surprised, as soon as she looked up at his face. It was her lover that he was. After then, Mong-yong and Choon-hyang married and lived long and happily.