Thursday, August 9, 2007


I have a proverb which became the guideline of my life. It is "failure is what you give up rather than what you can not do". We undergo many failures in our lives. We might not be able to pass any exam and might be rejected in trying to get a job. I think that we can find two types of people in this situation. One is people who try it again or search for another way to succeed in it. And another one is people who give up. Of course, to give up sometimes requires saving time or helping mental health; however, we have to pay ourselves the failure. So Winston Churchil, the most famous prime minister in England, said "never give up;" it is similar to my favorite saying. I know a story which is about my proverb. I forget his name; however, he was the first owner of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). I believe that everybody can see a grandfather doll in front of the KFC restaurant. Anyway, one day, he had a big problem, which was that his chicken food restaurant would be closed because of highway construction. So he sought about his future and he made up his mind to teach his chicken food recipes to other people who wished to open chicken food restaurants or who already operated one. Of course, he had a plan to earn some money if he had taught it to other people. But people thought that he was crazy. Nobody was interested in his recipes; however, he never gave up and he did not think about failure. So he studied chicken food to enhance his chicken food recipes and introduced his new recipes. Now, KFC is the most famous chicken food chain in the world and many food restaurant brands struggled for benchmarking.

Sung Jun