Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Fall Holiday (fluency exercise 3)

In France, we have different fall holidays like in November “Toussaint”, February “Winter’s holidays”, and April “Paques”. I will talk about the winter’s holidays. During this holiday people generally go to the mountains to practice skiing. Generally people rent a chalet for a week, and during the week they go to ski and play in the snow.

The older adults and teenagers practice skiing or snowboarding or anything else that gives this sensation. For the younger people and their mothers, they play in the snow, do toboggan and some learn how to ski.

During this holiday, the symbol is more pleasure, relaxation, and forgetting all stress of the life in the city (work, school, etc). In France, we have a lot of speciality foods and it depends where we are, the region in France. Nevertheless, the most popular food during this season is “fondu savoyarde”; it’s a dish with cheese, Savoyard cheese melt, accompanied by potatoes and French pork butcher’s, and we drink wine with this dish.

Everybody likes this holiday in France. Teenagers go there to be together; adults discover the snow with their children. The mountains during this season are very pleasant.