Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Technology Converts Language Skills

Using computers is very popular in Taiwan, even my 5 year-old nephew can use a computer. For young people, teenagers like to chat on-line or send a lot of interesting articles to each other. They prefer to use abbreviated words or funny words, which have similar sounds with the original ones and have different meanings sometimes. They feel joyful to use these new words to show their humor, cute and young style. However, if you are older than twenty-five years old and still use these words, people might think you are childish. Moreover, nowadays, teenagers use these words to communicate with friends and classmates for a long time and can’t use formal words. When they have examinations or writing works, they might use the wrong words, or have wrong idioms, which become big problems for young people. For example, using strangge words when applying to a school, finding a job or writing a public article, they would not get good grades or good job. After senior high school, there is a big examination for students to distribute to colleges in Taiwan. Writing is one part of the Chinese subject. Some students’ essays are so strange because they use abbreviated words or funny words. These students’ essays become examples in the News every year.