Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fluency Exercise #2

Every young person has his/her own way to communicate or show themselves with convenient technology. For example, some people have blogs to put up pictures, and to write articles to put up to tell people what they think. However, I think it has become more and more convenient to show yourself excessively and post some sex photo or aggressive articles, which brings some important problems. The problems are dangerous and can't be ignored. The Internet is really unsafe to put personal photos or information on. Some people think that they can look it up and keep a password, but there are many people who have the skills to test the password or destory the safe protection. The Internet is not safe anymore. When other people get your personal information, crimes of stealing the identity of other people make the society worse. On the other hand, everyone can post their different views on the public Web; it is easy to bring some fright and quarrel. Not everyone can receive the different viewpoints from us. There are also many gossips to distract the truth. People spend a lot of time in the untruth or talk about the unnecessary things. New techology makes our lives more convenient and give us more ways we can show our opinions. When we use these ways , we have to pay more attention to protecting ourselves and reducing the terrible accidents that take place.