Friday, October 19, 2007

The Influence of Technology in the Daily Life

In this modern time there are many technological inventions that you use every day. I think that computers and cell phones are influencing your life every day. I had my first computer when I went to university. Until now I use computer every day and a computer is a part of my daily life. I can’t leave the computer for a long time; otherwise, I will feel something is wrong. I also can’t leave my cell phone for one day, because I am afraid that I will miss someone who needs to contact me. These two inventions are very important for my daily life.

Computers also are very important for everyone because everything requires us to use computer, such as a supermarket, universities, all kinds of companies, and any kind of stores. Computers make them more officious in their work and help them make more money. Cell phones also change habits of connecting with other people. People can walk and talk to their friends at the same time. They also can connect with other people anyplace. So these two technological productions are very important for everybody. They influence people so much in daily life.

By Jeremy