Monday, October 29, 2007

Language Change - Fluency Exercise #3 -

Nowadays, using the Internet is the most popular communication tool in Korea. People from young children to adults use it. So we use a variety of new words. Korean words have too many derived words, so we can say something so many different ways with the same meaning, such as saying "hello", we can use hallo, hullo, and hollo instead; pronounciation is different but it could be the same meaning. However, there are some problems; for example teenagers who just started learning Korean and use the Internet a lot of the time with new chat words forget the normal way to write down Korean words. They just write down new words because they don't know what is wrong with them. It is a big problem in Korea; Korea is strong with information technology but that makes people sick from the Internet.

Most children and teenagers are addicted to the Internet; when they come home from outside, they start the computer and do the Internet. They do not exercise with their friends; they just like to play online games with strangers or their friends. They don't like to play something with a ball or something outside, so most of the children's average heights are taller than adults, but they are weak. That is a big problem now in Korea.