Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Holiday (Fluency Ex.3)

My favorite holiday in Saudi Arabia is Ramdan holiday and it starts on the 18th day of Ramdan until the 7th day of the next month, which is Shawal. The best part of this holiday is the last day in Ramdan and the next seven days of Shawal because we usually celebrate the first day after Ramdan with the whole family, including relatives and neighbors in one house. Then we travel to our farm, which is far, about 140 miles from Riyadh where I live. Before we go there we know how many families are coming and we usually invite relatives, close friends and neighbors to spend a great time there. There are the main house and some other small houses around it for the guests. We have many activities to do there, but the amazing part is when we ride the horses and challenge each other, especially my cousins because we used to do that when we were children. Other things we enjoy very much are when we play volleyball, soccer, and drive the jeeps in the middle of the desert with the soft sands. At night we usually make a big barbecue party and there are many kinds of foods we eat like kabab, reish, awsall, kabsa, homos, and magloba. After that we light a fire and stay around it talking about many important topics, having funny discussions and making a strong challenge for the next day. Finally, I really miss this holiday this year because I am in the US, but on the other hand, I am investing in my mind and my knowledge, which makes me feel fine in different ways.