Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Mr. Leverett
Fluency Ex#2

Friendship is important to people; that means nobody can live without friends in life. There are many friends we can see in life. For example, some of them just need me for personal interest; after they finish and take what they need they will leave me alone. Others are different, they are like my brothers but are not my brothers. They are beside me when I need them. They help me when I need help, if I need any service they just do it for me. They respect me and respect my family and country. I remember some story, which is when I was in high school, two friends studied in the same class when they began school. Their names are Ali and Nasser. Ali was from South Saudi Arabia; Nasser was from east Saudi Arabia. Nasser had a big family and his father was sick; during the last level his father died and he got low grades, because he was busy with his father. His brothers and sisters were smaller than he was and his family income was low. He tried to find a job. However, he did not find it. His friend Ali’s family had a big company; when Ali learned Nasser’s story he helped Nasser by giving Nasser a job and gave Nasser a loan to improve his situation, feed his family and buy a house and car to make Nasser’s family happy. That story was a good example of friendship. I hope everybody could be similar to Ali.