Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A New Communication Way Among Youths (FE3)

It is doubtless that today younger people are influenced by computers, and that computers have become one necessary part in their lives. Youths meet people and seek information through the Internet. Moreover, they love to share their lives and characters with their friend in a virtual world. According to all these reasons, youths develop a way to communicate easily and quickly, in secret, and hide the side from their parents or family.

The one reason is that teenagers have their own individuality and sometime their thinking is hard to accept by adults. Therefore, spending time with the same generation is the only way to seek the identification for adolescences. However, some people claim that young students are confused with the new language and correction. In my point of view, it is hard to define how serious the problem is.

Another reason is for saving time. The meaning of communication is letting people who talk with you understand what you want to express. For example, when some people chat with their friends on MSN which is communication software that connects people who are in different places by the Internet, they use “U” as “you” or “coz” as “because”. In the present day, time is money. Definitely, using specific and short words instead of long one is a very helpful tip for saving time to do other things or chatting more.

In conclusion, the new communication way is accompanied with the advancement of the Internet. People can find one private place they can focus on without disturbance. The new language may be one part of my life in the future.