Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Moon Festival


The Moon Festival

There are many festivals in Taiwan and most of them are interesting such as the Chinese New year, Rice Pudding Festival and the National Birthday. Of course, all Taiwanese can get days off with pay. It is a little bit hard to pick the one that I like most from them; however, if we only focus only on the fall season, I would like to say “Moon Festival”.

Moon Festival is a really important day for Taiwan. It has been counted by the farming calendar. It is celebrated on August 15th. Most Taiwanese have 2~4 days off and a bonus from the company for it. It is like a second New Year of the year for us because all of the Taiwanese will go back to their home to see parents and relations. It does not matter where we are. On this day, Taiwanese have a big feast, moon cakes and a special fruit in its eve. Some people will choose to B.B.Q outside. During the feast, we would like to tell others what we have done this year, what will be our goal in the future, and exchange some of our current information, job situation or just chat.

We usually do fireworks on the eve night of this day, too. In Taiwan, it is legal to do it anywhere. As you guess, it is also the busiest day for fire fighters. If you conceive in the Moon Festival that every shopping mall and department stores are closed on this day, you are totally wrong. In Taiwan, Taipei is a sleepless city. Those stores and companies operate 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, but they only take a short day off; it is just about 4 hours of break and then they reopen before 12 o’clock at night. After the dinner, we will probably go out together to watch a special TV program, to see a movie, to go to Karaoke for singing songs and just lay down on the grass or ground and watch the Moon and stars. These activities will be continuous until the mid night.

The Moon Festival has also a special meaning for me. It is my birthday, too. My family and relations always celebrate my birthday for me. That’s why I love to have the moon festival from all holidays.