Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fluency Ex.5

If I have no responsibility in this life and have enough money, I will stay one month in each country in this world. I really like to see different people, and to see different cultures. I wish that I can see what people laugh about, what people are sad about, what they eat and how they live. I have been to different countries during my life and I have found different topics and jokes could make each people laugh. For me it is amazing to meet new good people and start a good friendship with them. One important point I like during traveling is to try the traditional food in each country; sometimes it causes problems to me, when I don’t like the food and I should eat it in front of the others, trying to act like it is cool and I like it. Moreover, I like to see what each people care about in their life, for example in France, people care a lot about their looks and spend a lot just to have a beautiful appearance, but in England, people care a lot about saving their money. Maybe I am not a good judge, but I can notice some different cares in each country. Furthermore, I like to compare the developed countries with my country to understand why we are considered from the developing countries or the third world. Finally, I like to know the wisdom of each culture such as the old stories and what they strongly believe in.