Monday, November 5, 2007

Fluency Exercise #4


Every woman wants to have a perfect, wonderful, and unforgettable wedding in her life. In my country, there are many special customs, but, in fact, many new couples don’t know them, and the parents teach them when they get married. Because the customs are too complex and detailed, many young and new couples change the ceremony to a simple style, like the western ceremony. In this day, a person that helps the people control and plan the wedding they want as a career appears, and we call them wedding planners. It is convenient for young couples to just tell the wedding planner what kind of wedding they want, use what color flower, hold the wedding in the church or hotel, because people are too busy with work even near their wedding date to handle many details but they still want the wedding perfect. If I have to plan a wedding for someone, I think the most important thing is that I have to know what the brides like and whose ideas I have to obey. I will list the schedule about time and progress, and then I will not forget something important. The most important element I think is collecting everyone’s opinions together and completely, including the bride, groom and both parents, because this wedding not only belongs to the new couple but also both families in Taiwan. Parents in Taiwan usually pay the most part in costs in the wedding, so you have to let them pay the money happily, and obey their opinions. Planning a wedding is not an easy thing, because you have to pay much attention in this. If I marry one day, I think I will find the wedding planner to help or organize it for me.