Monday, November 5, 2007


When people are getting married in my country, everybody in their family is happy. The wedding is one of the best moments in people's lives, because at this time parents and other family members are all involved in it; they are giving their support in different ways such as financial, moral, physical to help the moment be successful. In addition, you will see how some people in the family or friends contribute by giving some interesting gifts.

A perfect wedding is also when people are getting married officially by going to the church for a blessing, by respecting some customs or traditional systems of marriage, and by being registered in the state for a civil wedding. Also for some tribes in my country, the wedding will not be considered as perfect if the man has not fulfilled all the requirements.

If I was planning a wedding, I would first take my time to prepare it as well as I can, because if you manage your time well in taking some possible provisions, your wedding may be perfect. Furthermore, two of the most important customs mentioned above that I will be planning well is the civil wedding and the custom wedding because, the first helps to guarantee the existence of the marriage in the state and the second is also important for the recognition in the two families.