Monday, November 26, 2007

Fluency exercise #6


My favorite trip is a deep delicious traveling. I like eating, and trying different cuisine. In different countries, they have their own special cooking styles because of their weather, products, or customs. The food reflects the country’s traditional living completely. I also like to see the traditional market; they are maybe not very clean but are noisy, but I can see the different and foreign scenery. It is a deep way to join the countries life. I know some organizations that have the classes to teach foreigners to cook the cuisine in a few hours in Thailand. I am interested in this activity. It is a perfect way to let me recognize this country. Moreover, when I cook in my home after traveling, I will remenber the country and its customs. I also think it can bring business opportunities for the country. Many people, like me, are interested in food, and not only in eating, but also in cooking. We value the experience when we touch the foreign cuisine. I hope I have time and opportunities to take the eating tour, even to the far and secret countries, like Morocco, Hungary, or India, and I think this is the best vacation for me.