Monday, November 26, 2007

Fluency Exercise #6 Vacation

If I have a problem where I go, I would like to go to the islands, especially Fiji and Hawaii. I like calm places and don't like many people, so this choice must be good for me. First, when I arrive on the island, I will look for a great hotel, because a great hotel will give me many good entertainments. Although the price is expensive, I will go to a good hotel. Next, I'm going to go swimming. Usually, those countries' beaches have many coral reefs, so the sea is very clean and there are no waves. It's very nice for swimming. Then, I will go fish. Actually, I don't like fish, but I want to go fishing in those countries because there are many wonderful fish. If I'm in Hawaii, I will go shopping. Actually, before when I went to Hawaii, there were many shopping malls and the prices were so cheap. Also, I will watch traditional shows. After I finish my tour, I will go back to my hotel. Then I will go to the casino if the hotel that I stay at has a casino. If I have enough time to enjoy the vacation, I'll stay there continually.