Monday, November 5, 2007

Mixed Wedding

A traditional wedding in Taiwan is very different from western countries, but I prefer to have a wedding outside, like weddings in America. Hence, I would like to combine east and west customs of weddings into a mixed one. Traditionally, we have a wedding ceremony to worship our ancients with food, which will include pork, chicken, and fish as main dishes. Then the groom and bride have to exchange their wedding rings. The bride has to serve tea to all of the older relatives. After that, the bride will go out of her original house with an umbrella to protect her form being taken by ghosts. This would be called the first part of the wedding, and the most important part. This part would be held in the bride’s home or a hotel near the groom’s home.

The second part is the banquet. We usually have a banquet in a restaurant or in the groom’s house. The decorations of the banquet places would not be as particular as in the west and they usually have singing shows only. If I am a the planner of wedding, I would like to choose the bride’s favorite flowers to decorate the places, arrange two slide files to describe the process of them being together and to show their pictures with their song. I think having a wedding in a vineyard would be really cool. However, we don’t have many vineyards in Taiwan or even beautiful gardens.