Monday, November 26, 2007

People (Fluency Exercise # 6)

Possibly, my parents have most influenced my life for 20 years. When I was young, I did not recognize that my parents are such great people, but I have considered it after the hardship of my family's economy. About 5 to 6 years ago, my father had some problems with his company. However, surprisingly, my father made the company solve the problems. In my opinion, it was really kind of a miracle, because we had a lot of debts rather than funds. After the happening, there were two or three times of difficulties, but my father dealt with them well each time. So, my family's economy is not really bad, even though we are not really rich. My mother has also influenced my life a lot. She has been so kind to me that I have been able to seek counsel from her about many problems. In addition, I want to meet someone like my mother, because she has managed my father's company well. She did not study a lot, but I cannot help admiring her wisdoms. Those things are why I chose my parents for the persons who have influenced my life.