Monday, November 26, 2007

My favorite movies

I have two favorite movies. One is "Pirates of the Caribbean" and another is "The Princes Diaries". I like both very much. First, I will talk about "Pirates of the Caribbean". I like their story and music. Their story is very special and sometimes funny, because the background is about a pirate. Their story is about adventure and some amazing stories. The story always has too many things happen and every part is connecting other things, so I never feel bored with this movie. Their music is also good, because it sounds very powerful and good. Finally, I want to say I like Johnny Depp who acts as the captain. He performs this role very well. In my opinion, I think he is the main point in the movie and because of him the movie did very well.

Another movie that I like is "The Princess Diaries" and also I like this movie because it’s a romantic movie. This movie talks about a high school girl who one day became a princess. That is so amazing and romantic. Then, the movie talks about how she learns to become a good princess and her love story. Another part is that the music in this movie is very good listening as this music describes her life. In the end, I really like these kinds of movies and I think it is because these movies have amazing stories.