Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Polar bear and global warming

In "Is global warming killing the Polar bears?" by Jim Carlton, the author claims that Polar Bears are in danger because of the global warming. He added that some scientists witnessed multiple deaths of polar bears in their nautral habitat as a result of ice melting. According to the author, polar bears can swim for long distances. Yet, polar bears need to get some rest during their swim on a small floating ice piece; otherwise, polar bears may face the danger of drowning. Therefore, many international organizations such as Greenpeace understand the great danger of global warming and what its influence on polar bear’s environment is. Despite, the efforts staged by many governments to try to end this threat, polar bears are still in danger. I believe that all governments and the interested organizations must work together to stop this threat.
First of all, the threat of global warming is a real threat not only to the nature, but also it threatens human. The current change witnessed by the world in the climate and high temperatures it caused for several reasons, such as pollution from the industrial cities around the world. Also, the indiscriminate destruction of forests, and pollution from individuals through the use of vehicles have added up to make the global warming. As a result, global warming has caused contraction in the area of the Arctic and increasing the temperature in that area. Therefore, neglecting this serious issue by the governments and organizations may cause several disasters.

Next, most natural disasters in the world like floods, forest fires and sea pollution have many causes including human. Also, the industrial revolution has made people have forget disasters that may occur as a consequence of pollution from factories and chemical plants. Therefore, the continued progress of the development could lead to deliberate further disaster if we do not take the necessary precautions.

Finally, the melting ice in the Arctic threatens the lives of Polar bears. According the author, some scientist witnessed polar bears deaths as a result of the shrinking space in that area. the high temperature plays a key role in ice melting. Thus, all governments and other organizations should stop this disaster by creating effective solutions to ensure the progress for humanity and the preservation of natural wildlife.

In conclusion, it is the duty of governments and organizations to fight the threat to the life of the polar bear. Moreover, Arctic climate change is the result of the latest pollution caused by human; therefore, it is their duty to devote all efforts to reduce the danger that may threaten human life before bear’s life. In addition the high ratio of sea water and changing climates around the globe may be the end of the evolution which humans seek.


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