Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Save The Environment

Many species are in danger right now because of the environment. Some species can be saved because it is not too late. For others there is not time to save them because it is too late. Similarly, some species are easy to take care of and others are really hard. Maybe some of the species cannot be cared for with people around, which is why they cannot be saved by people and they only can live with its own species only. Many of the species that are endangered right now end up in the zoo because they can fully take care of that species. Some of them are successful because it is easy and fun to take care of, like the sea-lion, which is really easy to feed and easy to control. Also, they can do shows for people to look at because the sea-lion is a smart animal. Some animals manage to survive because they can live by changing places. Many animals change places because people want the animals to get a good habitat, but some of the animals cannot survive in a different place. That’s why some of them survive and some of them don’t.