Monday, November 5, 2007

A Small Television In a Cell Phone

When you walk around the city, or take a bus or subway in Seoul, you can see many people staring at their cell phones. What they are doing is watching television. Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (DMB) is the technology which makes it so we can watch TV anywhere. DMB's most impressive feature is that it can be watched while the user is moving or walking, and also offers high quality sound as a CD. The revolutionary technology has made it possible for us to enjoy watching television anytime, but has also brought some dark affects. For example, it makes relationships among people more individualized. Nobody talks to each other, even between friends on the subway or the bus. Usually, they have two televisions in a family; one is for the living room, and the other one is for the parent's room. Television is one of the best household electric appliances that can intermediate among family members. With DMB, a family is divided into individuals. Every member stays in his or her room to watch the television through their cell phones; Korean families are being disunited.