Monday, November 5, 2007

Wedding (Fluency Ex.4)

In Saudi Arabia, a traditional wedding is very different from those in western countries. Some people in Saudi Arabia follow the arranged marriage and others want to find their future wife without their family’s opinion. Usually the man goes to the girl’s family and introduces himself and asks to marry their daughter. Then, they announce the engagement day and have a small party with their families. There is no fixed time between the engagement party and the wedding day; actually it is based on their agreement. When they decide to marry, they start to arrange for the wedding party, which is much bigger than the engagement party. They have to arrange for a perfect day, for example, the place, the buffet and the invitation card. Both of them do their best to achieve a great party; they work hard to do something new and creative to get the guest’s attention. At the same time they don’t forget to arrange for their honeymoon because they should have some special time together after all of the wedding day efforts. For me, I think I will not follow the arranged marriage; instead I will find my future wife by myself.