Tuesday, November 6, 2007

summary response #4 -Technology-


Nowdays, many kinds of robots are being invented. Actually, some kinds of simple working robots are used in Car Company's factories or something like this area. That machine, actually, doesn't have any emotion or expression but robots are changing. Many countries make robots for many purposes. Big Japanese companies such as Honda, Suzuki, and Sanyo make dancing, singing and emotional robots. Japan is the strongest country in the world with technology. In America, they usually make robots for war. They use robots for observing dangerous areas and fighting instead of people. It is not for normal people, just for benefit of the country. In Korea, they invent new styles of robots. The robots recognize human voice, and they have emotional expressions. So when people say some bad words to the robots, the robots have a voice with face. That robot has eyebrows, nose, and eyelids so it can make expressions with its face. Robots are so interesting to us but I wonder if the same things can happen as in the Movie "I-Robot", where the robots are out of control and they try to control people. That is a crazy thing to happen, so I hope scientists just make robots with limits in moderation.