Sunday, November 11, 2007

Travel in Japan (FE5)

I dreamed of traveling in different countries since I was a college student. This year, I joined a group that traveled to Bali, which is one of the islands that belong to Indonesia. I had a bad experience with the trip because the travel guide tried to sell something to us, and complained too much about their government. Since then, I decided that I do not want to join any more guided tours.

Today, individual travel is a popular choice. People can book the flight tickets and reserve a hotel easily by the Internet. If I have a vacation, Japan is the best choice, especially for individual travel. One reason is that I can orient the direction easily because the public signs in Japan are usually written down in Chinese characters.

Another reason is that I don’t need to worry about the traffic problem because the transportation in Japan is very convenient. In Tokyo, the capital of Japan, the subway station connects each scenic spot and the train schedule is very frequent. I can spend the whole day taking the train to anywhere and without following the tour schedule.

Besides, I love the Orient culture. In the past, Japan has gone to mainland China to learn their music, customs, language and art. Japanese kept the most of the Chinese culture and made a different style gradually. Fortunately, they are trying to keep reserving the soul of the culture.

I believe that you cannot wait until the next vacation. Japan is a perfect option.