Monday, November 12, 2007

the Trips in CESL

To get a trip is one of the best moments in life, because at this time you go to the places you have never been before. The trip opens you to the diversity of the world by understanding the other people's lifestyle and culture, by visiting some interesting areas, and by meeting other people. In my life I used to like trips; I always take advantage if the opportunity is presented to me, especially the trip by bus, like CESL organizes, which seems to be very important for me because when you are traveling by bus you have a chance to admire the nature, to watch some of the environment. For example, in my country when you take a trip to go to a town called Matadi, you will be crossing an area where you can see big rocks with extraordinary forms from the past, when the Belgiums were living in Congo; they designed a sort of watch in those rocks to attract the attention of people while traveling.

Regarding CESL trips, the one that has been good for me was the St Louis trip where I got the chance to visit some animals in the zoo that I have never seen in my life. In addition, that trip allowed me to visit around the place such as the big city market of the Mall. The CESL trips are best in the way they are organized-the transportation is comfortable and ensuring, and the teachers who guide students usually help them by explaining to them some places, their features and importance. If possible CESL can organize a trip to Chicago, Los Angeles or Miami, as long as the feasibility is well analyzed.