Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Vacation (Fluency Exercise # 5)

If I have enough money and time to plan to travel, I would like to go to some countries in Europe, such as France and England. Actually, I am so curious about Europe because I have not been there before. I want to visit the place where the background of the movie, “the Da Vinci Code,” took place. I want to see some famous structures in France, and I want to eat some French food, also. In addition, I want to watch a premier league soccer game in England. When I was in Korea before, I usually enjoyed watching the soccer game in my room. So, I want to watch it in real. Not only do I want to travel to Europe, but also I would like to travel to some African countries. I think that it is exciting to walk through a desert with just a camel for a trip. Also, I will be really excited if I am standing in front of a pyramid in Egypt. If I see huge and famous structures, I will be impressed by the scale. Additionally, I want to go to Hawaii or California for vacation. I want to enjoy my time in those places where I have seen only in movies. Whether I see something or play with someone in the place during the trip, in my opinion, I can get a lot of impressions and challenges through those trips.