Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Best Place for Vacations

One of the best places that I can think of is Miami, Florida. If I have the money I will go to Miami, Florida because there are so many nice places to go there. For example, the beach in Miami called the Fort De Soto Park’s North Beach was really awesome. The water is so clear I can see the bottom of the ocean. It is so calm and peaceful around the beach that I can relax for a whole week and the stress around me will be gone. This is a good place to bring your family with because people can spend time with their family and be happy with their family. There are a lot more places that are fun to go in Miami like Disney World. If I'm done with the beach in Fort De Soto Park’s North Beach, I will go to Disney World to have more fun. If I go to Disney World I need to stay there for two weeks to finish the tour because it is so big that I need time to finish the tour. It is so much fun in Disney World that I can meet all the Disney characters. This is one of the places that I want to go if I have the money in the states.