Thursday, February 28, 2008

Educated killer

The article “Faculty Return to Northern Illinois University for Training to Help Students Cope With Campus Shooting” talks about the campus shooting happened in Northern Illinois University. According to a witness, she reminded that it is on Thursday in the lecture hall. Minutes before the end of the class, a stranger walked onto the stage. He pointed the shotgun at the student sitting in front of him in the large lecture hall and pulled the trigger. Then he aimed to himself …On this urgency, he killed 5 persons one of whom is the witness`s boyfriend and many people got wounded. The tragedy happened so sudden and unpredictable that most of the students sitting there thought that the gunman was there to make an announcement.
I am interesting in the article because the campus shooting is very common in the U.S. and it seems to be a “trend”. Then the question is that how can this happened? And nobody felt something before the tragedy happened. Neither his teacher, nor his classmates. Next, if we find so trails before it happened what should we do? To answer the first question I think one reason is that the university is careless with the students psychological problems and another reason is that the U.S. government are remiss in their duties that they are responsible to supervise the public of buying guns. Thus campus shooting happened many times around the American schools, colleges and universities.

Haoming Qin