Thursday, February 28, 2008

Population problem in our world

The world is developing fast and population is developing fast too, now we have 60 6 billion people in the world. This news to be good for us, because we can have more friends and we can do a lot of things which need more people faster and better. Unfortunately, this is a bad news for human. When we have more population than means we will have more problems. The basic reason is we have no enough space and resources for humanity. People should control population growing now, because the world’s is resource is less and less, it will be easy have war and we needs good family life for everybody.
People face some of problems, one is the resource is less then before. And we needs save our resources and some of if can recycle we needs do it. There are two kinds of resources in the world, one is non renewable and the other one is renewable. However, we have too much population then we use a lot of resources, so now we needs control population then have lower population to use resources. We needs save more resources for our future. In the world, like the gas is non renewable, we needs save the gas for our future. In all of countries, we have a lot of people own cars , airplane and ships, so we use a lot of gas and now we needs pay more money to buy gas for our machines to move. And about renewable resources, we still waste too much. In the holiday, a lot of people needs send gift cards for other people, that paper are very good, so one holiday, the hole world will cut a lot of trees were turned into gift cards. So we save paper as same as we save tree, because tree can clean our air, make people health. So resources less than before is a warning for human, we needs pay attention at population and we need save our resources for future and our children, this is why we needs control population put in place.
Second, our world is very big, but most of places are water or ice and people can live in there, so we have a little space for human living. The population is still growing, and we people have less space for living. We needs control population growing, and save give people more space. In every big city, you have a big house that means you are rich, because house is too expensive, why? The reason is easy; we have too much people and less space. Some of countries their relationship is not good, because of land. They want to more land for their citizens and every country want to do this, so this will let our world have more war, this is why we needs control our population and save ourselves.
Third, like Europe, there are a lot of countries the population is zero. How population is growing so faster, because of developing countries. A lot of developing countries’ people they do not care how many people born in each family. A lot of people in developing countries are farmers and have no enough good education so they believe have more babies, future can have more people to work, but at the end of they needs more money to buy food and supplies. In China, before, the government said you can have many babies if you want, so in China now have a lot of people. Now government try to control the population, an d have a lot of plan for future, some of countries still have no any plan, like India, they still can let family have many babies, and a lot of people are very poor. So we needs control population and let people have more good family live.
Have more population in the family is good for family developing and be rich is very good idea and the more population can help country developing is good way. However these are not true. We can have more population can work for country rich and developing fast, if control population growing, we can have less people and have economy still in a small group. The more people in the world can have more fun, but space is not developing, we have same space and population is still growing, then we will fight with each other because of the land. The resource is less and less, more population use more resources, buy a lot of cars can show this country have more power and rich, it is not true. We use more resources and future we have nothing can use. So we needs control the population growing.
In conclusion, most people think if we have more babies, we can have good life and future, and it is good for developing and save time to do a lot of thins. In fact, a lot of people in developing countries or poor people think this is food and they still follow this way. In fact this is a wrong way to own the good life, because it just let you have dream in the future, and it will never became true. It will let our world have more problems such as resources less and less than before, the pollution and have no enough space. So now er have a lot of work to do, not only for country, but also for our home. We only have this space, and we can do something like recycle and plant the trees and help animals. We needs give us and our cildren a good place to live, do not at the future go to the museum, and use fossils to tell your children this is what kind of animals.