Thursday, February 28, 2008

High technological in our lives

Now, the world is developing very fast, technological is developing fast too. A lot of things before are in the dream, and now it is easy to use it. Like people have dream can fly in the sky like the bird, but now you can take plan fly in the sky, people want to run fast like house, we have a car can help us. Now and future, people do not needs do a lot of things and machines can help people to do it, we can save our time and go to travel, and nobody will say tired. So now is the technological revolution a beneficial thing for the world? The answer is very clearly, we are very sure to say “yes”. People needs technological for help, can help people easy to communication and can let people being far away from illness.
The basic reason is everybody can know it, we needs machine to help people do a lot of things like build machine, in a lot of factories, we needs machine, and it will be easy to finished. Some of things for people is very difficult, it will be very hard and dangerous, nobody want to die, so machine can help us to fix. Now everyone have computer, it is not expensive than before, why? Because of machine, build CPU is very difficult for human, now it is automatically, machine can help to do it and better than human made. People want to go to friends live you very far away, you drive your car; do not know how to arrive there. It is time to use high technological. You need a GPS (Global Positioning System), satellite will tell you where you are now and how to get there, it is easy and do not use map when you drive. So high technological is very useful and powerful in humans live.
Second, human is a kind of animal needs live together, they cannot live alone, so we have languages to communication, and go to friends or relations house to visit, and let us have more fun, so if your friends live in another counties or other states, what should you do? high technological can help us, we have planes cars and a magic thing is Internet. These are people who use our ideas to find. We use these to help us travel and communication and nobody can say these are not useful. “There are a reported 105,170,327 active web surfers in the US and 165,745,689 people in total who have access”(Answer bank,2008).Internet is very powerful and useful, there are a lot of people use Internet every day, We can use Internet do a lot of things, use SKYPE and MSN to talk with friends and use Webcam to see each other online, and we use Internet to communication with people, see friends pictures online. High technological help people to close each other.
Third, people who feel not good, the first things is go to eat medicine, but before we have medicine, people have illness like heart attack, and a lot of illness, now high technological save peoples lives, we use medicines to make us health. Like heart attack is a big problem in the world, a lot of people have this problem, my friend’s father have heart attack, so everybody worried his father. Heart attack comes very fast, or we can say it comes very sudden. But now, we use high technological to made medicine and save people’s lives, and now a new test could give doctors a head start in diagnosing those patients most likely to suffer a heart attack (University of Leeds, 2007). This show us, people can live without high technological, we needs it everywhere.
High technological is very useful and powerful. It can give human a lot of help and make us can own an easy life. However, we still face a lot of problems, like high technological let people own cars, these are very good, but we forget pollution, and resources. We just use it and make human life easy and do not care earth, just do what we want, help us and forget others. Our technological is not very strong, and not well, sometimes we use it and do not care what happen in the future. Machines works can give us easy life, but what about all of things machines can do, what about us, we will be lazy and do not know a lot of things. That’s why we can use too much high technological.
It is very clear that people needs high technological to help. Our life can live without it. We need it to save our lives and make everything easy. the technological revolution a beneficial thing for the world is very good, but we still needs be more careful, and make it better and better, like find some ways we can stop pollution and give us a nice and clean world.

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