Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cell phone

Now the cell phone is very popular in our daily lives; we can’t live without it. But high technology is still developing; cell phones change a lot all the time and they are becoming smaller and smaller. But I want to make my cell phone to be different and to be like the laptop. Most cell phones have a camera and a full keyboard. I need something like iphone; it requires a touch screen. When you travel to somewhere very far away, you want to play games and find something for fun, so you can play games or go online; but games for cell phones are very basic and Internet charges you a lot of money and the speed is very slow, so I will make mine have high speed Internet and be cheap. Another important thing is it needs a video card; this is a very important thing in cell phones. If we own a video in our cell phone, the game will be not basic and like a laptop. This is my cell phone in my dream; maybe I can say it looks like a computer, but we need to change it to be like a computer, so it can do a lot of things and make people able to have a more fun time.