Monday, March 31, 2008


With the development of the computer technology, it is changing the world a lot. For example, we can read an electric book on the computer instead of buying a paper book. Also, we can chat with friends in different place. At the same time, the most interesting innovation is that we can go shopping online. The market is switched from a places to a website. We used to drive to the big mall for shopping, but now they come to my door. That is fabulous. However, everything has two sides. There is something we need to pay attention to while shopping online. First, it is better for you not to buy those desperately cheap things and do not trust the photos because you do not know who you are dealing with and the computer technology can make the product look like whatever you want. Second, if you are shopping on a famous website, you would better not buy something from a person without credits or with minus credits. Those businessmen probably make fake things. Third, you should be careful to use your credit or debit card because the computer virus is not strange. Now it can remember your card number and the password, then send it to its “father”. So you should type in your card number as little as you can and do not forget to delete them in the memory of the website. In all, the trend of shopping on the internet can not be avoided, but we should be careful when we are shopping and enjoy the happiness that the new technology brings us.