Monday, March 31, 2008

Advice for online shopping

In Korea, shopping online is really popular and common. I got some books and clothes from the online shopping mall. And my sister got some foreign DVDs and CDs from online. This is a convenient and cheap way to buy some things. Online, there are many malls and sites for selling products. So, it's difficult to choose where to get the stuffs. In my case, I almost got good and cheap things from online, but I got bad clothes once. It was a sleeveless and pretty cheap. It was just $2, but it was so tight and small. So, it didn't fit me and if didn't fit anyone in my family including my dog. After that, I've become more prudent. The price and size of website are not important. Some small websites have high quality goods, the other hand, some big websites have bad goods. I got tat sleeveless shirt from a big website, and other good clothes from a small websites. You should read the other people's reviews and directions carefully. If there are no riviews, you can challenge them. I have an experience with that, and that was not successful. But you will be nervous until the post officer knocks on your door. And if you want to get the book, I recommend some big website. They have many kinds of books and many kinds of discounts. But I'm not recommending to get some electronic products. Some people sell bad or fake products, and it's difficult to fix them when they become broken. But my sister's DVDs and CDs were pretty good. She got those from a small website. I think that it depends on which website you choose. You can ask people who are around you which website is good or not. If they know those websites, they have some experience from it. This is similar to when everyone knows which restaurant has delicious food.