Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cell Phone Problems

There are many places that when the cell phone rings it is a problem. Meetings, Jail and school are some of that places that when the cell phone ring is a problem, because some of these places, the cell phones are not allowed and it is not respectful to have it in front of the people who work there. When people have meetings and someone has his or her cell phone on they will not respect and deal with the guy who has the cell phone. If does not care about the people who want to work with him, they will not care about him too. Also there are a lot of problematic situations when the cell phone is turned off, such as an accident happens, running out of the gas, getting sick or your wife about to give birth to a new child. All these examples are very dangerous when your cell phone is turned off because when you have an accident nobody can see you and you hurt. Also when your wife is pregnant and you are outside of the house when she is about to give birth, she will hurt because you didn't get her to the hospital. We have to put our cell phones in the charger to have the cell phone on and be able to take care of accidents like that.