Monday, April 7, 2008

Internet shopping

Now people can shop from the Internet instead of going to the Mall. But the problem is that shopping from the Internet is more volatile that shopping at the Mall, so I would like to give some advice that can help the people care about their money more than they do. People should look at the websites and if they are fake or not before they put their Credit or Visa Card number in, because some of the hackers can make a fake page and use it for stealing people's Credit or Visa Card number and steal your money too. Also people should have a security program to block the strange websites and strange messages that can let the other people see your card information. Moreover, some of the people who shop from the internet do not go to the Malls and shop there, because they think the Internet stores are cheaper than the Malls, but my advice is that they have to compare the prices between the priced in the internet and the prices in the Malls, because sometimes the Malls have nice discounts for people. So if the prices are cheaper in the Mall, it is better to go and shop there more than the internet. Also when people shop from the internet they should put the right address and the right information in because people might lose their stuff if they are going to put in the wrong information. Finally, do not shop in front of somebody that you don't know very well, because he or she might steal the card number and use it.