Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cell phone rings…

Hello! Nowadays we can rarely see the people do not have a cell phone. Cell phone is a part of people’s lives. There are lots of advantages of having a cell phone; however, in some way there shouldn’t be a cell phone in some places, such as at the hospitals, schools or universities, funerals, churches or temples or movie theaters.

On the other hand, there are some problems if our cell phones went off at the wrong time. For example, if we are traveling by the train, and suddenly our cell phone battery goes down, we might be in trouble. We couldn’t get any calls. We couldn’t communicate to our family if we might have some harm. If people are traveling by car, and imagine if the tire might become flat; at that time we need a cell phone to contact the towing person. If we are at a hospital, at any moment we might need to contact someone, so that also will help us. Sometimes we get bored from something, so we need to play a video game on cell phone to be stress free. I think the cell phone is the ideal technology of the world. People are handicapped without the cell phone.