Tuesday, April 29, 2008


First of all, as we know a second language is not easy for anybody, especially if he does not have any background in these new languages. CESL is one of the best places that help the international students to learn English as a second language. However, as we know it is not easy for any program to teach another language for international students. We as international students sometimes face many problems with the CESL system; maybe the management can not see it, but we can see the difference. We need to give CESL some advice, namely first, the TOEFL exam is not the only exam that evaluates the students; for example, what can he do if he gets height grade in the class, and he passes but he fail in the TOFEL this is not fair. Second, CESL should look at what is good for the students. For example, they shouldn’t let the students repeat the level three times because if he fails in one class, this makes the student lose his skills, and feel bored. They should care about the student’s feeling, and look for which classes he did well at and pass him. Also, if he fails in one of the classes, he needs to repeat only the classes that he fails in, not all the level. Third, the time is very important, and CESL do not care about this issue. For example, the students have classes from 9:00 until 5:00, and the next day he have to study for a quiz, do homework or take a nape? What he can do? He does not have time for all of things thing to do them at the same time. Students spend all the day at school and when they get back home, they start that other school; CESL does not give them time to relax or to refresh, and this is too much for international students who want to learn English.