Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How are you, CESL?

Homing Qin
Mr. Leverett
Apr. 28, 2008
CESL has been set up for many years. No matter whether it is successful or not, it has been teaching so many international students that most of them may have got out of the University or even have got a job. Generally speaking, whatever they feel about CESL, one thing that is probably in their mind is that they appreciate what CESL taught them. However, there will be more and more international students who come to CESL. How can we make them feel that it is simple to obtain the benefits robber in CESL while studying in CESL? First, the context should be changed to something more interesting, but not always the environment or business. We can use some magazines as the textbook, such some sport magazines or some interesting newspapers. What the students are need is just the English. Anything related to English and written in English could be the textbook to teach them English, but not the stereotype of the comment of the textbook all the time. Of course, the more reused the textbook, the better the teacher would teach, but it is obvious the teachers felt bored with the textbook. All the students and teachers need is fresh material. Second, the more activity there is, the better students will learn. The activity is just practicing English in their life. The international students come from different countries and they have different backgrounds and different cultures. If they could take a 10 hours long flight to America to study, they would not be lack of academic English but “Living English”. So CESL needs to show more information about the United States to them to help them adapt to Americans` life. For example, today if the teachers teach the name of various kinds of vegetables, CESL should take the students to Walmart which could be considered the best classroom for the students to learn. That will be more interesting to the students and motivate them to study English. Third, CESL should make all the rules clear with the students such as the tuition fee, the passing rule of CESL and its connection with the university. For example, one of my friends got a problem, she had got a high TOEFL score and entered EAP2, and some rules showed that she could take part time university, but after she talked with the officer, she could not do that because it was her first time to be in EAP2. That sounds strange, maybe they thought she was not ready, but why not give her a chance? Probably, she would do a fabulous job. Thereby, CESL should make some changes to work better.