Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Real problem When a Cell Phone Rings

I feel embarrassed when my cell phone rings in public places such as the bus, the subway, the theater, the hospital, the bank, etc. It is rude. So, I always keep my cell phone set on vibrate mode or silent mode. In Korea (also, in United States), if your cell phone rings during the lecture, it is very rude. So, there are some rules about this in public schools in Korea. Actually, it depends on what your teacher’s policy is. When I was a high school student, my school had a rule that teacher can take a student’s cell phone for one month if it rang during class. I have experienced my teacher seizing my cell phone three times. That was not good. With them, every public school in Korea has a rule that student can not keep their cell phone during the exams. If your cell phone rang during the exam, you could fail in the exam. I think this situation is the worst situation. In my case, my cell phone went off when I lost my way during school field trip. Fortunately, I found my teacher and friends. At that time, I felt really scared about being lost in a new place. I could not contact anybody. In this kind of emergency, a cell phone requires full charged battery.